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BEA LAST Artist, shortlisted for the AESTHETICA ART PRIZE 2023 and will be installing The Red Bags in the grounds of YORK GALLERY this March.The curators remarked on the diversity and exceptionally high quality of submissions this year and were honoured to have had the chance to review such outstanding work. This is a momentous occasion and the work selected takes the temperature of global contemporary artistic practice. “

Meet the 2023 Aesthetica Art Prize Shortlist! This year’s cohort – comprising 21 talented international artists – is a testament to shared creativity in a time of rapid change.

The exhibition opens @YorkArtGallery on 24 March. Find out more:

Future Now Symposium 2023-24 March | Yorkshire MuseumDebate | Discuss | Connect#FutureNow2023

The Anatomy Lesson Revisited


The Anatomy Lesson Revisited – The Sint Amanduskapel – Campo Santo – Visitatiestraat Ghent – Belgium. June 2 – June 18. Tuesday till Sunday from 12.00 till 17.00.


Upcoming art residency at La Providence Centre Catalan d’Art Vivant in Ille sur Tet in the sunny south of France (Catalonia) that will take place from August 10 till 24 2023.

I am looking forward to working and interacting with the following participating and attending artists: Francis Beaty (USA) – Susumu Ohira (Japan) – Frans de Winter (NL) – Françoise Bracke (Belgium) – Anka Krašna (Slovenia) – Joël Bonk (NL) – Larisa Sjoerds (NL) – Ron Weijers (NL) and Bea Last (United Kingdom) and hosted by Dimitri Xato and Christine Campadieu

Geuzenmaand- March 4 2022. Vlaardingen Museum and Gallery- Vlaardingen-the Netherlands

Scottish artist Bea Last on explorations and experiments within her creative processes

STIR speaks with Scotland-based contemporary artist, Bea Last, on her process-based creative practice which builds on a socially impactful aesthetic language.

by Girinandini SinghPublished on : Jul 06, 2021

Exploration and experimentation stand at the heart of Scotland-based mixed media artist Bea Last’s body of work, where she draws in on the liminality and the inevitability or evolving nature of change. Her process-based works create and build on the nuances of a creative language that bears equal artistic significance and value as the final output itself.


CLUSTER CONTEMPORARY 2022 | “Pandemonium & Order” gives artists from around the world a platform to express their views on the new world order as it emerges from the chaos and ruins of the old world.Based on the concept that the ideology and global socio-economic structures of our current world order are profoundly unsustainable, Cluster Contemporary wants to champion a new generation of visual artists who explore different realities and break the norms and stigmas defining contemporary culture and ideology .Bargehouse, Oxo Tower Wharf, Barge House St, London SE1

Participating Artist: Bea Last


‘Onafhankelijk’ at the Korenbeurs in Schiedam on Sunday November 13 2022 – 2.30 till 6 PM. De Korenbeurs – Lange Haven 145 – Schiedam – the Netherlands.

Geuzenmaand- March 4 2022. Vlaardingen Museum and Gallery- Vlaardingen-the Netherlands This is part of the Geuzenmaand touring exhibition with #Netherlands



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