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Read the recent interview / review in the latest publication from STIR – Online arts publication for the arts, architecture and design. Author Girinandini writes a very astute article on the artists creative process.

About the Author: Girinandini has a Masters in creative writing from Newcastle University UK. She has published with literary magazines like PRUFROCK and WACCAMAW. Her work has been included in WACCAMAW journal’s anthology of best in publishing; 10 years Retrospective and was nominated for the prestigious American PUSHCART AWARD in 2018. She has written for Outlook / Vogue / Architectural Digest and Critical Collective.


Contemporary Art Collector 14th June -October 14th 2021

We are glad to announce our Online Exhibition I River of Dreams.
On View from June 14 – October 14, 2021.
Our art is our dream. The dream is a symbolic journey towards the most private part of the human soul. The theme of dreams goes through the idea of a journey, reflection, discovery, knowledge and emotion. The dream is a gateway into the deepest space of the soul. Dreams are potent driving forces in life. Dreams are the source, followed by hard work for the dreams to come true, and that’s the magic and beauty of life


10dence Gallery Netherlands

JUNE / JULY 2023

CURATOR – Ron Weijers

After several months of intense teamwork, we are very pleased to share our newest endeavor ‘The Anatomy Lesson Revisited’ with you – Almost 400 years after the creation of this masterpiece by Rembrandt van Rijn, an extremely diverse and carefully selected international group of artists have been brought together for an exhibition project to revive, to synchronize and to evolve this painting into contemporary expressions of art, reflecting their individual and artistic values from a 21st century point of view.

‘The Anatomy Lesson Revisited’ exhibition will take place within the timeframe June/July 2023. More details and further information will be released as soon as the time is right to do so…

participating artists: Karin Arink – NL, Hans van der Ham – NL, Rik van Iersel – NL, David Jenowe – US, Bea Last – UK, Steve Moseley – US, Geert Mul & Frans van Viegen – NL, Gilles Olry – FR, Hans Rikken – NL, Harry Schumacher – NL, Johanna Schweizer – NL, Larisa Sjoerds – NL, Frank Vanhooren – BE, Ron Weijers – NL, Frans de Winter – NL, Efrat Zehavi – IL and Macha Melanie and PulsArt dance compagnie – FR

For information feel free to contact us at:


Opening 10 August 2021 – Ghent /Belgium

Touring exhibition Belgium/ France/Netherlands/Amsterdam

10dence Gallery, Netherlands. Curator Ron Weijers

Get Out of Your Skull is a collaborative art project with the participation of an international group of 64 artists from 20 countries.

The Get out of your skull art project, is a corona proof, non-subsidized, artists for artists initiative, initiated by artist and curator Ron Weijers for the 10dence platform. The development and organization of this project is intended to bring together an international group of artists during the currently ongoing Covid-19 pandemic with all its restrictions and problematic effects on the individual art practices and the international artworld. Aim is primarily to provide a positive vibe, to stimulate creative processes, to provide a psychological boost, to create a possibility to communicate and to network and to generate some light at the end of this corona tunnel during these darkened times.

Skulls represent death and are a sharp reminder of our mortality. Nevertheless, they are much more than that, especially in the creative realm. They depict change and transformation while other cultures associate them with strength and even protection. Symbols are one of the most powerful elements of the art industry, where a single object, however simple it is represented, evokes a societal issue, an emotion, or an entire story. Take the heart, for instance. It is a simple shape, but it represents love, one of the most important and valued emotions and feelings in the world. Over time, symbols become more and more abstract as they change and transform with the times, but their meanings remain etched in both history and our collective minds. For most of the world, skulls are a depiction of death. They’re a stark reminder of our mortality, and one of the most powerful symbols on the planet.

However, though skulls might clearly have connotations of death, they also have hundreds of other meanings throughout the world and, more often, throughout the art world. In some places, skulls represent transformation and change, whilst other times they can determine wealth, power, strength and protection.

All 64 participants received a standard skull to transform into a personal work of art. All these 64 skulls will get displayed within a range of actual as well as virtual venues from August 2021. The venues will take place at exhibition space de Zilverhof in Ghent, Belgium – 10 till 29 08 2021, La Providence art center in Ille sur Tet, France – 05 till 19 09 2021, World Art Delft – WAD in Delft, the Netherlands – 15-10 till 7-11 2021, Arti et Amicitiae – ArtSpace in Amsterdam, the Netherlands – 17 till 21 01 2022 and de Leutfabriek art center in Sas van Gent, the Netherlands – 28-01 till 06 -02 2022. 10dence platform creates a promotional presentation on its website, showcasing all participating artists together with an artist statement, a resume and of course a presentation of the individual skulls as provided by the artists. A digital venue will be handled by the collaborating institution Art Wall. Many affiliated digital art platforms, collaborating media and art forums will support the public relations and promotion for this project. To support the individual work of the participating artists within the venues, a printed catalog containing a presentation of the project, the artists and their skulls, will be available for sale at the venue locations as well as by mail order from the 10dence platform.

The Get Out of Your skull art project enjoys and welcomes the warm support of High Art Fridays (HAF) art platform and curator Ron Shelton, Art Wall and editor/curator Laszlo Ladany, Inspirational Magazine and editor John Hopper, Global Art Project (GAP) and Carl Heyward, municipality of Ghent, Belgium, La Providence Art Center – France with curator/coordinator Dimitri Xato and Christine Campadieu, World Art Delft and curator Paula Kouwenhoven, Arti et Amicitiae ArtSpace Amsterdam and coordinator Dirk-Jan Jager and de leutfabriek and curator/coordinator Jan Vinke and Domien van Parys

The international group of 64 participating artists to the Get Out Of Your Skull art project:

Echi Aaberg – Sweden, Inge Aerden – Belgium, Timo Ahjotuli – Finland, Mia Andrésen – NL, Francis Beaty – USA, Mirjam Boomert – NL, Anne Brems – Belgium, Lon Buttstedt – NL, Charo Carrera – Spain, Juan Manuel Fernández Cuichán – Ecuador/Spain, Carlos Luis DeMedeiros – Brazilia, Nick van Dijck – Belgium, Evelyne Dominault – France, Jan van Dorp – NL, Andreja Eržen – Slovenia, Mikel Frank – USA, Ana Gabiño – Mexico, Ann Geirnaerdt – Belgium, Coco van Gent – NL, Leonard Greco – USA, Sander Groen – NL, Felicity Griffin Clark – Italy, Diana van Hal – NL, Emily Hastings – USA, Peter Hess – USA, Inge Hoefnagel – NL, David Jenowe – USA, Mar-Grietje Killian – NL, Taeyoun Kim – South Korea, Laszlo Koscso – Hungary, Paula Kouwenhoven – NL, Ernst Kraft – Spain, Anka Krašna – Slovenia, BEA LAST U.K, Paul Lorenz – USA, Constance McBride – USA, Naomi Middelmann – Switzerland, Petra Moll – Ireland, Ringo Mollinger – NL, Christine Morren – Belgium, Tina Morris – UK, Helene Öfwerström – Sweden, Susumu Ohira – Japan, Amy Oliver – UK, Liesbet Optendrees – NL, Domien van Parys – NL, Ralph Posset – NL, Frédérique Rennuit – Belgium, Colin Rhodes – UK, Clovis Schlumberger – France, Peter Schudde – NL, Harry Schumacher – NL, Ron Shelton – USA, Larisa Sjoerds – NL, Patricia Stacke-kelly – Ireland, Giannis Stamenitis – Greece, Tanja Tanevska – SR Macedonia, Erik-Jan Vaanderig – NL, Christine Verhaert – Belgium, Frans van Viegen – NL, Karin de Visser – NL, Ron Weijers – NL, Frans de Winter – NL, Madeleine Wories – USA

For additional information you can always contact us at Please state your name, contact information as well as your information request or questions. We will reply to you as swift as possible.

ONE TO ONE, online, mentoring sessions. Bea is a registered mentor under #UpLand Arts cic, Dumfries, has 30 years work experience in the creative sector. Disclosure Scotland & PVG registered.

Email :

Upland Members // 1:1 Peer Mentoring Sessions 2021
Upland #Artists #DumfriesandGalloway #Scotland
As part of our professional development programme we are offering remote peer mentoring support sessions. These will be 1:1 sessions for Upland Members held over Zoom, allowing artists and makers to gain peer support through a focused session with a fellow artist who has suitable experience.

The mentors available this year are:

Bea Last // Bea is a visual artist with a process-led practice that explores drawing in its broadest sense. She has a wide range of experience, including exhibiting, writing funding applications, marketing, residency and collaborative projects, portfolio preparation, workshop facilitation, teaching and more.

• Patricia Cain // Patricia is a visual artist and scholar with a practice that is based in drawing and how we grow and develop as people through making things. She has taught in a wide range of art school settings and universities and founded a social enterprise that aspires to support a community of forward-thinking autistic and neuro-diverse people through participatory art. 

• Maggie Broadley // Maggie combines her ceramics practice, working as an independent craft curator/producer and her role as a freelance contractor, focussing on creative-led and regeneration projects. She can offer advice and support across creative and business development.

For full details and how to apply please head to the Upland website:

If you’re interested in becoming an Upland member please head to the Upland website to find out more:

Exhibitions & events

Bea Last #Artist
Delighted to be included in issue 23 of #circlefoundationforthearts  #spotlight art magazine, published online and in print.
Bea Last page 100 & 101.

Spotlight 23 page on Circle Arts

Spotlight Magazine – Issue 23

The magazine is available on Issuu…

Geuzenmaand2021‘ : 10dence Gallery – The Netherlands. Curator Ron Weijers. #Watchthisspace for further details (Feb 2021)

PLEASE NOTE: Due to current Covid-19 restrictions GEUZENMAAND 2021 has been pushed forward to 2022.

Bea Last #Artist, can now be found on ArtLand under representation with Alfa-gallery-miami

GET OUT OF YOUR SKULL– An international collaborative art project involving 60 arts from around the Globe. Curator: Ron Wijers

April 2021 / 2022 / 10dence Art Gallery/ The Netherlands / Touring France / Belgium / Amsterdam

Alfa Gallery Miami is now representing BEA LAST, Artist, on ARTSY. Please take a look:

.Alfa is an artist-run contemporary art space. Since its establishment more than a decade ago, Alfa has identified and cultivated the careers of an international roster of visionary and emerging artists.

7934 West Dr suite 901 North Bay Village 33141 Florida




We represent an incomparable array of groundbreaking national and international artists working across all visual arts media.

Our artists are included in major museum collections and exhibitions worldwide, including The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Israel, MAC Museo d’Arte Contemporanea, Lissone, Italy,  Art Museum of Nord Trøndelag Norway, Museum of Contemporary Art of Crete, Greece, Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, USA, Irish Museum of Modern Art, Ireland, Museum van Bommel van Dam, Venlo, Netherlands, New Museum, New York, USA, Perez Art Museum, Miami FL, USA, MOCA Museum of Contemporary Art,Miami, USA, Elgiz Museum of Contemporary Art,Turkey, Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes Chile, Santiago, Chile, Kyrgyz National Museum of Fine Arts, Kyrgyzstan, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo del Zulia, Venezuela, De Pont Museum Museum of Contemporary Art Tilburg, Netherlands, Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art, USA, The Brooklyn Museum, New York, USA, Museo Nacional de Artes Visuales, Montevideo,Uruguay, Museum De Lakenhal in de Meelfabriek, Leiden, the Netherlands, Museum of Contemporary Art Toronto, Canada, Museum of Contemporary Art, Warsaw, Poland, Boca Raton Museum of Art, Florida, USA, Victoria and Albert Museum,  London UK, Trapholt Museum of Modern Art, Denmark, Stedelijk Museum Schiedam,Netherlands, Museum Angerlehner, AustriaDenver Art Museum, Denver, USA,The Bass Museum of Art, Miami,USA and Lowe Art Museum among many others.

Since 2003 its history has been recognized as one of the pioneer art spaces that were established in Wynwood and Miami Design District.

Later on, relocated to North Miami, next to the Museum of Contemporary Art at the Moca Plaza, becoming an integral part of the emerging Miami art scene.

Recently Alfa Gallery relocated from the Brickell Historic Financial District to Space 01, a Loft style building with another spectacular bay view. It was developed by Ben Klein and designed by Chad Oppenheim, an award-winning architect who also designed a loft development in Miami called Ten Museum Park. Alfa is bringing a new vision and a new artist-run concept.




Parallel Reality, is the title of the new program curated by Carolina Diez-Cascón, for this edition Swab on Paper 2020, where the limit of paper is challenged through illusion, an optical illusion that plays in the constant existence of two realities, a flat reality of the essence of paper, which will be invaded by means such as plastics or fabrics that deceive this dimension.

Under this parallelism the 6 proposals of the program travel between two worlds or truths, the conscious and the unconscious, the inside and the outside or the before and now.

Alfa Gallery, Miami

Artists: Bea Last, Maarja Nurk and Gamaliel Herrera

These three artists reflect on the conservation of conscious time through paper, creating a dialogue on connotations acquired in it through collage, in the case of Gamaliel Herrera, engraving as in the work of Maarja Nurk or the creation of paper as a sculpture by Bea Last, thus creating permanency in time as a monumental work

Alfa Gallery presents: XS -Group exhibition Oct. 21st – Nov 29 / 2020The exhibition unites artists from all over the world with one work each and celebrates painting and sculpture in Small to Smallest formats. A vibrant and powerful selection of works that demonstrate the unique practice of each artist. XS Works on view via ARTSY



CIRCLE FOUNDATION for the arts, QUARTERLY MAGAZINE JULY 2020 OUT NOW! – Including editorial on Bea Last #Artist

The 5th Issue of Circle Quarterly Art Review is here.
Discover a remarkable selection of fine artists from around the world working in a variety of media and style. Inquire directly with us for purchasing artwork or collaborating with a featured artist.


Circle Quarterly Art Review #5

UpLAND ARTS: A bold and ambitious, rural-based, visual arts and crafts development organisation based in Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland, U.K

We are delighted to announce our peer mentors:
BEA LAST – Artist /
• Katharine Wheeler – Artist
• Patricia Cain Artist
• Maggie Broadley Co-Create


GenderGAP – The women of Global Arts Project Gallerie Renee Marie Benicia California USA Curator #CarlHayward and #AkikoSuszukiHeyward

GenderGAP- The Women of Global Art Project Gallerie Renee Marie Benicia California USA

Saturdays from 11 am – 5 pm Gallerie Renee Marie will allow private, single person viewing of the Gender GAP : The Women of Global Art Project exhibition by appointment only ( as an experiment in Pandemic Presentation. Single viewers, in 20 minute intervals, wearing protective masks and gloves, may share in the creative output of 30 Female Members of globalartproject an international collaborative collective. We will continue to offer this opportunity as long as there is interest in this dynamic exhibition and that it is conducted safely and sanely.
Carl Heyward Redux

GEUZENMAAND2020 : Vlaardingen Museum, Vlaardingen / WAD, Delft, / The Netherlands

PLACEing Objects , spudWORKS, Sway, New Forest, England, UK


ARTBOXprojects / KUNSTprojekte ; Zurich 2019 / 2020 SWISSARTEXPO 2020

”The Artboxproject Zurich started its second round. The largest art project in our series took place this year from August 20-24 2020 during SWISSARTEXPO in the venerable SBB event hall in Zurichs main train station. With 80,000 visitors daily the SSB event hall is one of the most popular places in Switzerland”

BEA LAST participating in ARTBOX ZŰRICH October 2021