Experimental works: works in progress

” Exploring drawing in its broadest sense I am experimenting with use of recycled materials, plastics and paper to actually draw with. In this case a found strip of yellow silk becomes the actual drawn line. The recycled fabric becomes the drawing TOOL. The land, the support that the Mark’s are made upon, like canvas is the support for oil paint…”

Photographic stills from 30sec/1min Artist film: Scuptural drawing installations using recycled materials and plastics #workinprogress copyrightbealast@2019

Sculptural Drawings in progress 2019

Sculptural drawing installations using recycled paper. #worksinprogress – where the ripped and torn edges are themselves the drawn line. The Paper once the support for charcoal or pencil becomes the brushstoke itself…..

From #TheShroudSeries #workinprogress: