Alf-gallery-miamiBOOTH 07 Online Viewing Rooms / view via #Artsy / https://www.artsy.net/show/alfa-gallery-booth-07

Alfa GalleryArtists from Europe, North America, Africa and Asia make up the list of participants in Alfa’s first iteration of Online Viewing Rooms / For additional press information please contact the gallery by email at / www.alfa-gallery.com
Geuzenmaand 2020 / WAD/ Delft/ The Netherlands May 2020/ Curators- Jan Van Dorp and Paula Kowenhoven / Artwork- Bea Last ‘The Records of Time ” / Sculptural Drawing Installation/ Recycled Newspaper/Book Pages/ Wooden Coathangers

GenderGAP / The Women of Global Arts Project / Gallerie Renee Marie / Benicia / California/ USA / Curators- Carl Heyward / Akiko Suszuki Hayward / April-May 2020/ BEA LAST/ Artist
#LostVoices THE BABY SHOES 3./ Recycled Babyshoes/ / Emulsion/ copyrightbealast@2020 www.globalartproject.wixsite.com/globalartproject-art

PLACEing Objects- SpudWORKS/ Sway/ New Forest / U.K / Feb-March 2020 / Curator- Julie Brixey-Williams #phd/ Artwork- Bea Last/The White Bags/ Recycled Biodegradable / White Plastic Bags /
GEUZENMAAND 2020 / VlaardingenMuseum/ Vlaardingen / The Netherlands / Curator – Jan VanDorp / Artwork- Bea Last/ The Records of Time/ Sculptural Drawing Installation

PAST PRESENT September2019/ #Whitenoise project / The Crypt / Euston / London UK / Artwork- BEA LAST/ The Black Scrolls/ Recycled paper / Emulsion and Graphite 2019 / Each Scroll 27″ x 22m (length) / Photography- Euan@euanadamson.com