The Red Bags 2022

Showing at:

Oxo Tower Wharf/Southbank/London/U.K

Nov 3-6 11am-6pm.

Cluster Contemporary exhibition. “Pandemonium & Order” will give artists from around the world a platform to express their views on the new world order as it emerges from the chaos and ruins of the old world.

📍 Oxo Tower Wharf, Barge House St, London SE1 9PH #

The Red Bags /Sculptural Drawing Installation/Recycled/Repurposed Red canvas/Bamboo/Bullet Holes/ Wheathered

Size variable depending on location

The Red Bags – Contemporary Art/Sculptural Drawing Installation.

Over the course of nearly five months, saw its existence in the grounds of Gracefield Arts Centre. #Dumfries 3 june -1st Oct.2022
Next up was this documentation of the Red bag Sculptural forms in a white box gallery space. 

Set in the grounds of The Gracefield Art Centre Dumfries from 3rd June to October 1st 2022. Initially installed for 5weeks their display was extended to 4months, a testimony to their strength as well as vulnerability.

The Red Bags were a response to Ukraine & Russia but also an acknowledgement of all wars across our globe. The journeys made, the migration, journey to safety…The bags representing the human condition of all that we are and carry with us. The Strength and the vulnerability.

Artist:Bea Last


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