Work in Progress CONTEMPORARY ART Creative PROCESS


(Covid lockdown Jan. 2021

Currently working on a new wall based sculptural Drawing for exhibition. #watchthisspace. Using #recycledplastic / #salvaged /#upcycled #plastic. This particular roll of plastic film was found destined for landfill.
Its interesting to work with a material that has a bad reputation and to transform it into something that others may consider beautiful.
Its been an interesting journey building a relationship with various types of plastics and getting to understand how they feel, move and react to for example, the natural elements. Wind brings in the addition of sound.
My thoughts on plastic and its affects on nature, it resulting in finding its way into our food chain via sea or land. Our use for it and of it. I understand there is what is known as good plastics and bad plastics and its interesting to see new biodegradable plastics being developed, again having a different feel and look to it.

To clarify, i am not putting forth an argument for the use of plastics but i do question the behaviour of humans. After all, plastic doesn’t jump into the sea by itself or litter our hedgerows, endangering our wild life by itself. Our behaviour is the question and how we as humans choose to create, use and dispose of responsibly.